Hallo, Welkom to our website.

I am Naoko S, from Japan.

I have studied body anatomy and energy healing in Japan. 

Then I opened my own salon in Fukuoka and Osaka.

As a therapist I have 8years experience.

After I had a third child 10 years ago, I was busy with raising children and doing housework, and one day my body stopped working.

My neck, shoulders, and back muscles were very stiff, and my body and mind were too nervous.

At that time, I went to a certain manipulative salon and after a few sessions I was really fine.

Not only has my body been easier, but my mind has also been detoxified. And that made me to care my children a lot easier.

At that time, I decided to learn this manipulative method and wanted to help those who have the same physical and mental problems as me.

After that, I learned about manipulative treatment and opened two salons in Japan.

I moved to the Netherlands in 2019 and am here today.

I’m really happy to continue therapy in the Netherlands.

Living in modern society can be very damaging, both physically and mentally.

It can easily get sick or get sick.

Sometimes that is very difficult to be cured with medicine or western medicine.

Would you like to regain healing power by shedding damage?

The body begins to relax by doing the damage and healing on its own.

Your body has the power to heal itself.

You need the best relaxation and damage removal.
We provide them.

May you be beautiful today, tomorrow and ten years from now.

I wish you a healthy day.

Hope to see you soon!

Thank you.