Do you have some problem with your body or mind?


Would you like to heal your body and mind with natural techniques?


Are you looking for Japanese therapy salon in the Nederland?

Yes, we are right here!

We invites you to step away from your busy life to enjoy peace & deep relaxation.

You have your own natural power to heal yourself.

So our goal is to get you back to your natural healing power.


If you have some troubles with your body of mental, there might be heavy damage.

Once the damages are removed from there, your body and mental begin to move healthy.

That is the natural healing power that every person has.

We can remove those damage from your body and mental with using a unique way.

Our experienced therapists have mastered energy manipulating techniques in Japan and have been serving clients for many years.


Detox the damage from your mind and body in a safe way with no side effects.

In fact, there are many incidents of body therapy that can cause side effects and physical damage.
However, our therapy uses a soft approach, so there are no side effects or accidents.

Our technique can be used with confidence from babies to the elderly.


We program your body an environment where your healing powers work naturally.

Ours is the perfect salon for those looking fora completely natural treatment.

We have a high reputation for those who have failed with other treatments.

We look forward to seeing you.

Please feel free to relax and feel like going to your friend’s house.

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It is used by people with the following symptoms.

Chronic stress
Stiff shoulder
Stiff neck
Sports disorders
Sleeping disorder
Chronic fatigue
Anxious mind

Detoxify the damage in your own mind and body and open up a new world.
Let’s go in a good direction together.